2018-2019 After School Online Registration 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay with a check?

Payments are processed by credit or debit/credit card only. Registration is done on-line only.  There is a $30 registration fee.  The card used to pay this registration fee will be the card linked to all pending payments.  To change the payment card on file, contact bookkeeper. (bookkeeper@part2kids.com)

How do I change my child's schedule?
To change your child's after school schedule there is a $30 schedule change fee and a one week's advance notice is required.  Please contact your child's site director to request a schedule change

Can I pay with multiple cards?

Yes.  To set up payments using more than one payment method, contact bookkeeper.

When are payments made?
Payments occur every Monday of a school week.  Weeks of no payments will be: Nov 19th, Dec 24th, Feb 25th & Apr 22nd

Do I pay less if there is a shortened week (when there is a holiday or other day when Part 2 is closed?)
No.  The weekly rate remains the same.  Weekly payments are based on the annual cost of after school days your family is registered for.  The annual tuition cost was determined considering all days off throughout the year, then divided into 38 equal payments.
Annual tuition rates: 5 days a week = $3,344 ($88/week); 4 days a week = $2,964 ($78/week); 3 days a week = $2,546 ($67/week); 2 days a week = $2,166 ($57); 1 day a week = $1,330 ($35/week).

Afterschool Registration for the 2018-19 school year is now closed. Please contact your site director for availability.

Registration & Rates

Summer Camp Registration will open on February 1st - stay tuned!

Application for State Subsidy

​Some families may qualify for state assistance to pay for childcare expenses.  Visit www.childcareresource.org or call (802) 863-3367 for more information

After School Weekly Tuition Rates
5 Days - $88 ($80 sibling rate) per week
4 Days - $78 ($71 sibling rate) per week
3 Days - $67 ($61 sibling rate) per week
2 Days - $57 ($52 sibling rate) per week
1 Day  - $35 ($30 sibling rate) per week

Autopay Form - Email to Katie Fieldsend at bookkeeper@Part2Kids.com