​​Frequently Asked Questions (from a hiker’s perspective)

Question: What is a Rambler?
Answer: A person who walks for pleasure, especially in a countryside (... or the Long Trail ;).

Question: How large will the groups be?
Answer: Each group will consist of 8 hikers and 2 guides.

Question: It’s a 3 (or 4 or 5) day camp, but only one overnight. How does that work?
Answer: Each Monday will be a planning, prep, and practice hike day. Hikers will be with us from 8:30-5:30 that day and then will get home for a good night’s sleep before we venture out into the great unknown.

Question: Where am I going to go to the bathroom? (Always the first question from kids!)
Answer: Each shelter/camping area we will be sleeping at will have a privy. While hiking, if nature calls, you’ll need to find your favorite bush. Note to parents- On Monday, our prep day, we will be talking with the hikers about the proper way to use the most outdoor bathroom they’ll ever experience.

What happens if the distance is too long for my ability?
Answer: We have planned out conservative distances for us to get from point to point. On Monday, our prep day, we will take a 5 mile hike to ensure our plan is doable for our group.

Question: What does a typical day entail?
Answer: The easiest answer- a ton of awesomeness. The longer answer- wake up, breakfast, clean and pack, hike, lunch, hike, get to camp, rest, play games, sing songs, set up camp, dinner, clean, planning for next day, read aloud, bed. Repeat.

Question: How far will we be hiking each day?
Answer: Each day our goal is to hike between 7-12 miles.

Question: Where do we refill our water?
Answer: Throughout the hike, there are designated springs that we will be filtering water through to refill. Staying hydrated is our number one priority while hiking.

Question:How much downtime will there be and what will we be doing during this time?
Answer: We will be taking many breaks throughout the day. On the short breaks, it’s a time to explore without the weight of our packs. When getting back to camp, card games, mad libs, and other fun (and lightweight) games and activities will be played.

Question:What gear do I need? Include links?
Answer:Backpacking pack, sleeping pad, inflatable pillow (optional), hiking sneakers/boots, headlamp, sleeping bag, Camelback (or two 32 oz Nalgene bottles), toothbrush (we will have shareable toothpaste), camp sandals, shorts, t-shirts, rain layer. Everything else needed will be provided, including food.

Question: Am I allowed to bring my cell phone?
Answer: No. We are going to be in nature. Soak it all in! (Note to parents- Guides will have cell phones with them for emergency purposes and to post pictures and write blogs for all of you!)

Question: What if there is inclement weather?
Answer: We won’t take any chances and will best prepare to avoid dangerous situations. If this means waiting a storm out in a shelter or delaying the start of our expedition, we will always err on the side of caution. We will hike in rain, wind, and miserable conditions if that’s what we’re given, but we’ll stay away from the mean lightning bolts.

Question: What if I get hurt?
Answer: Sprained ankles are pretty typical on the Long Trail. All guides are trained in Wilderness First Aid. We will do everything we can to ensure everyone starts AND ends with us, but in a worst case scenario, there will be two guides per group and if one child has to stay behind, they will always be with a guide.

Question: What happens if my child decides he/she no longer wants to go?
Answer: Unfortunately, with such small groups, we will not be able to offer any refunds after April 15 for any reason.

Question: If a friend of mine is also interested, can we be guaranteed to be in the same group.

Answer: Absolutely. Call Jeff O’Hara to confirm before registering- 825-1919


Backpacking the

Long Trail

email: jeff@part2kids.com

(802) 825-1919

Day Hike Camp - $325

Ages 8 and up

Mon-Fri (no overnight)

Weeks of June 24 and Aug 5

3 Day Camp - $400

Ages 10 and up

Mon-Wed​ (overnight Tue)

Weeks of July 1, July 8 & July 22

4 Day Camp - $575

Ages 10 and up

Mon-Thur (overnight Tue/Wed)

Weeks of July 15, Aug 12

5 Day Camp $700

Ages 10 and up

Mon-Fri (overnight Tue/Wed/Thur)

weeks of July 29