Subsidy and Financial Assistance: 

If your child receives state subsidy, please check with Family Center of Washington County - (802) 262-3292 to inform them your child will be attending our program and confirm that subsidy has been approved before the start of the school year. Your account will be charged the full tuition amount if there is any gap in coverage, so please make note of the end date of your certificate from CCR so a new certificate is in place in a timely manner.

UES / MSMS Part 2 calendar for the 2019-2020 school year

First Day of Part 2: 

  • August 29th (first day of school)

Inservice days

  • October 11th and January 20th- Included in your Part 2 fees (anyone attending Part 2 during this time will be allowed to attend the full day program on these two days).

Late Start Days: 

  • September 18, November 6, March 11, May 20- Anyone (don't need to be enrolled in Part 2 to attend) can sign up for our Late Start program free of charge 

Parent/Teacher Conference days: 

  • November 25 and 26- These days are part of our November vacation camp days. Cost is $50/day. We will go on amazing field trips during our vacation camps and this is included in the cost. Part 2 families have priority in signing up first, but any students in the school can sign up, as long as we have openings. Regular Part 2 tuition will not be collected during this week.

  • March 20th- Included in the cost for Part 2 families. Any Part 2 family can attend this day free of additional charge.

Vacation Day Camps:

  • November 25, 26; December 23, 24, 30, 31; February 24, 25, 26, 27, 28; March 2, 3; April 20, 21, 22, 23, 24.

  • $50/day

School Days Off- No Part 2

  • August 26, 27, 28; September 2, October 14, December 25, 26, 27, January 1, May 25


MSMS After School Pricing

5 Days/week = $78/week ($71 sibling)     
4 Days/week = $67/week ($61 sibling)      
3 Days/week = $57/week ($52 sibling)      
2 Days/week = $40/week ($35 sibling)      
1 Day/week = $25/week ($20 sibling) 

Partial Day Rates for children attending Part 2 after enrichment activities coming soon!

UES After School Pricing

5 Days/week = $88/week ($80 sibling)     
4 Days/week = $78/week ($71 sibling)      
3 Days/week = $67/week ($61 sibling)      
2 Days/week = $57/week ($52 sibling)      
1 Day/week = $35/week ($30 sibling)

$10 Registration Fee (due at time of registration)  

Withdrawals: We ask for a two week notice to director for withdrawals

Schedule Change: $30 Schedule Change fee for any schedule changes & 1 week's notice to director (no schedule change fee at MSMS)

Welcome to Part 2 Montpelier!

Part 2 Montpelier will be directed by one of Part 2's finest and most experienced site directors: Kaitlyn Bertelsen.  You can read about her and the rest of the leadership team in the Welcome to UES/MSMS pdf here, along with some information about snacks and schedules.
Below is some general Part 2 information and the UES/MSMS Part 2 calendar for additional days included in After School for all registered families.
Please read over and feel free to email with any questions.  We are eager to serve the Montpelier community!


To check your child’s enrollment, please visit your account with us at:
Part 2 Registration. To change your child’s schedule, please check with your site director regarding availability. Please note: We may not be able to accommodate adding days to your schedule at this time. 


All incoming kindergarteners will get special attention to help ease them into the program. All kindergarteners will be met at their classroom at dismissal and walked down to the program by one of our counselors.

Hours of Operation:

Part 2 starts at school dismissal and ends at 6:00PM. Please be sure to arrive in time to collect your child’s things and sign them out before 6:00PM or late charges may incur. During vacation camp days, we open at 7:30AM and close at 5:30PM.

Parent Handbook:

Please read over the parent handbook on our website under "Registration & Parent Information".  When registering your child for the program you agree to adhere to the policies set forth in the handbook.

Billing, Payments & Payment Calendar:

After school charges occur every Monday of a school / after school week. Please check the Part 2 Calendar that corresponds with your school district for school closings and Part 2 vacation camp days and additional coverage. For declined payments, please contact our bookkeeper at to arrange for payment.


Director: Kaitlyn Bertelsen

​(802) 373-4135