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Director/head teacher: Christina Paulin

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Richmond Elementary

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Joanne Pillsbury


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Mission: The foundation of Part 2 is a belief that all students should be given the opportunity to learn, develop, create, and explore in an environment that is safe, nurturing, and fosters the love of learning everyday.

Collaboration: Part 2 partners with area schools to create quality early education opportunities for all students ages 3-5 that best prepare them for kindergarten and life-long success. Most students enrolled in our programs receive free preschool services from the partnering school for a minimum of 10 hours a week. During the time outside of the preschool component, the learning continues as Part 2 works in conjunction with the preschool teachers and school district to ensure learning targets are met and kindergarten preparedness to all of our students is achieved.

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Brittany received her bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education from Plymouth State University in New Hampshire and currently holds a Vermont teaching certificate.

She believes that preschool is the best place to see and experience the growth of children. The preschool setting is their first educational, social, and emotional experience. She believes that it is extremely important to make this experience a positive one. Preschool should be a safe and welcoming environment, one that students are eager to return to each day. She is a firm believer in the importance of educating the whole-child and valuing each child as an individual. 

Email: smsearlyed@part2kids.com

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Familiarity and Confidence: Creating familiarity for your child and his/her school at an early age is a tremendous benefit Part 2 is able to provide to your child.  Knowing the structure and routine of the school day while fostering friendships with classmates greatly reduces anxiety and allows the students to seamlessly transition into kindergarten when the time arrives.

Director: Sarah Empie

Email:  bpmsearlyed@part2kids.com

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It is my devotion to my own children that instilled in me a desire to help the young children within my community to be as prepared as possible for their transition into a school setting. For the last 20 years I have been working with preschool aged children in a variety of childcare environments and I currently have an Associates Degree in Elementary Education from CCV.  I believe that the first years in a child’s life are a platform from which their future education will spring. With this in mind, I plan to provide a learning environment where children will be given the opportunity to experience physical, cognitive and social growth. My students are encouraged to learn through personal experiences and I do my best to provide a setting where authentic learning possibilities are available in a safe environment. I value each student as an individual and take the time to get to know each of them personally so I can help them build on their strengths and overcome areas where they feel discouraged. I believe that every student has the ability to develop a lifelong love of learning and I am looking forward to helping them build a solid foundation from which to begin.

Our Schools, Our Teachers

About Our Coordinator: I hold a Professional Educator’s License for the State of Vermont with an Elementary Education endorsement and the state awarded me the status of Highly Qualified Teacher.  I began teaching preschool in 2006 and fell in love with teaching our youngest learners. I have taught children ages two, three and pre-kindergarten. Most recently I held the position of the School Director of Heartworks Preschool in Williston for the past six years. I loved being able to work with the families as much as the children, and in my position of leadership I helped to guide teachers in their important work.

As a parent and educator I value my work in Early Education and I consider it an honor that families choose to entrust their precious children to our care. With humor and a loving, open heart, I believe in building strong relationships in order to be able to effectively communicate and meet the needs of the children, families and staff with whom I work. I want everyone to thrive in a healthy, happy environment.

At Part 2 we look forward to supporting the development of your child as we help to guide their progress in academic, social, emotional, physical, and life skills. We understand that the children need to feel safe and comfortable to allow for this development. At the Homestead we have thoughtfully created beautiful spaces in which your child can explore. We use a loving approach to foster mindful interactions with each other and the world around us.

Smilie Memorial

2712 Theodore Roosevelt Hwy, Bolton, VT 05676

I have worked with Part 2: The Early Years for the past two years at Richmond Elementary School as an assistant preschool teacher. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the children learn and grow. It’s with Part 2 that I found my passion for working with young children! I recently finished my Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education from CCV and look forward to working towards my Bachelors in Early Childhood Ed.

My hope for this year is to assist the children with learning how to work together as a team, problem solve, gain independence, and develop their love for learning!