Week of June 17
Mon: Get Air & Maple St. Pool
Tue: Red Rocks & Leddy Ice Rink/Beach
Wed: Niquette Bay & Maple St. Pool
Thur: Button Bay
Fri: Shelburne Farms & Maple St. Pool

Week of August 26
Mon: Jay Peak
Tue: Smuggs

Week of August 12
Mon: Get Air & Maple St. Pool
Tue: Button Bay
Wed: Montshire & Ben and Jerry's
Thur: Shelburne Farms & Maple St. Pool
Fri: Niquette Bay, Majestic 10, Maple St. 

Daily Fee: $65

Field Trip Schedule

Adventure Camp

Week of August 19
Mon: Spare Time & Maple St. Pool
Tue: Metro Rock & Maple St. Pool
Wed: ECHO & North Beach
Thur: Get Air & Maple St. Pool
Fri: Button Bay